Moving Tips - Protect Your Furniture & Save Money

Get Organized – Label the boxes.

You will save a lot of time unpacking if you take the time to get organized during your packing process. Make sure you label the boxes according to which room they go into, ex: “Bedroom” and also, for anything that’s fragile, make sure you label that box “Fragile” or "Glass" so the movers know to take extra care when handling those boxes. Clothes, towels, linens, pillows can be used to keep fragile items safe.

What can I do to better protect my furniture?

Wrap all scratchable furniture in protective padding. Items like table tops, coffee tables, and headboards can all get scratched and bruised during the move. Use plastic wrap for keeping draws securely closed and helping the furniture retain its integrity. Rope, along with ratchet straps can be great for keeping the load secure and well balanced. With our full service moves we provide all of the above; however, for our Do-It-Yourselfers we offer these items at a minimal cost.

Also, when moving furniture, always make sure you keep all the parts together with the item itself. This goes for screws, bolts and other small pieces that you don’t want to lose or misplace. They can be put into a self-locking plastic bag (sandwich bag/ziplock bag) then taped to the furniture itself.

What can I do before the movers arrive to save some money?

Having the boxes well packed and ready to go is very important because it is much quicker and safer to load well packed and sealed boxes. Having your furniture prepped and ready to go before the movers arrive will also help you save time on your bill. Of course our crew can do all the wrapping for you and make sure it is done correctly and efficiently. Items such as flat screen TVs and other sensitive electronics should be placed in their original or likewise packaging. Make sure everything made of glass is packed well. Lamp bases and shades should also be packed.

How much are estimates?

We offer FREE Estimates! These estimates are onsite so that we can see what it is that needs to be moved and the conditions of the move. It is always best to meet your mover, get to know them, and feel comfortable with the company before letting them move your household.

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